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What is a Blog

A blog, or the internet term for it would be ” web blog ” is exactly that. It is basically a website that you write posts or blogs on. The best part of creating a blog is that you are the owner and no one can ever take it from you.blogging

To put it in other words a blog is more or less a journal written and updated by you, the owner. What direction you want to take with you blog is totally up to you. You can write posts/blogs as a hobby or you can monetize it and try to make some extra income.

You will probably never become a millionaire with a web blog but over time you can earn some significant income with some good quality content and proper monetizing. So Let’s go and create your online home business blog.

Why Should You Blog

The first and foremost reason you should want to blog is the fact that you  will just love to do it. Starting a blog will create endless possibilities for you.

Whether it is for creating friendships, for your own self growth or for financial reasons, blogging will get you and your own personality out there on the world wide web for others to enjoy your uniqueness.

You don’t actually have to make money blogging but it would be a nice thing to make a few extra bucks doing something that you will love to do. If you  get really good at it you could end up with a career writing product reviews for other company’s. Like I said the opportunities are endless.

Setting Up A Blog

What are your reasons for starting a blog

blog postThe first thing you will will want to do is decide what you will want your blog to do. Whether it is for financial gain or personal growth you will need to create your web blog around something that you  are really passionate about and know a lot about. Having this knowledge about your web blog you will be able to write good quality content forever.

Choosing your niche

If you are new to the internet and blogging in particular the topic that you will choose to base your blog on is called a niche. For example your niche could be golf or sewing or fishing etc. You get my point.

Your main goal for your blog is to get your content on your website indexed and then ranked by Google. Specifically the first page of google.

Choosing Your Domain

In order to get your blog up and running you will have to pick yourself a domain name. This will be what your website will be called. You need to be blog from homevery careful here as you do not want your website to be anything to broad.

By this I mean, say your niche is in the weight loss category, you don’t want something like weight, you will want to widen it a little like –, this way you will have a much broader range on which to write about.

Hope you get my point here. This is very important. Keep in mind you will want your focus keyword in your domain name.

All You Will Need to Get Started

There are several things you will need to get started setting up your website/blog and these are:

  1. Your niche
  2. Your domain name
  3. Your website platform – preferably word press
    Website hosting
  4. A keyword research tool

blogging onlineBuy now you should know what your niche is going to be. Now you will need to pick what your domain name will be, preferably a .com domain.

This is where a keyword research tool will come in handy. You want to find a domain name with low competition within your niche for better ranking. A couple companies to get a domain name is go daddy and name cheap.

Next you will will need a website platform. There are several out there but the most popular is by far word press. Word press has millions of users worldwide.

You will need this to pick your theme and customize your web blog as far as adding images and affiliate links and just editing your blog posts in general.

Next comes hosting. There are many hosting companies out there most popular being host gator and JV zoo hosting. You need hosting to actually get your website live on the internet. Most hosting companies also use word press also, so you are good there.

What Will All This Cost

Let’s start with your domain name. Most domain names will cost you  around fifteen dollars per year. Your website hosting can cost you anywhere from twenty dollars to forty dollars per month. Your keyword research can cost forty dollars a month. In total this comes out to around eighty dollars per month.

What if I were to tell you that I can give you all the above for the low price of zero, that’s right, free. I know of this training platform where you can get top-notch training system, two free websites, free hosting on the word press platform. You can also purchase your domain name here.

They also have a free keyword search tool that is free. Your domains are websites as a free member but you can upgrade to premium for cheap. You can totally get your website up and live on the internet for free.

If you do decide to go premium within the first seven days of joining the first month is only $19 dollars and then $49 a month thereafter. After going premium you can go yearly for only $359. That comes out to $30 per month for everything and then some.

The community here is made up of thousands of like-minded people of all experience levels all out to help each other achieve the same goal. Make a living from home. The site support is also second to none. Why go anywhere else when you can get everything under one roof.

There is actually no credit card needed to get your website up and running. I will leave a link below if you will want to check out this awesome training platform. You can also check out my review of this program here:

Getting Started Online

Once you get everything set up and you are ready to start writing on your web blog the first thing you will want to do is to create an about me post. You want to do this to let people know about you, your interests, hobbies etc.

This is the beginning of creating trust between you and your prospective customers and followers. After that you are ready to start posting content on your site and getting indexed by Google.

Before writing your first post you will should do some research on the title of your posts. They should be relevant to your niche but at the same time not to competitive.

This is another reason a keyword research tool is so effective and a must have. Your headlines should be eye-catching and want readers to keep reading. You will also want to add some awesome images, people always like seeing something.

Monetizing Your Posts

No matter what your niche is you can make money with it. There are affiliate programs online that you can join to sell products on your site. One of the biggest one is of course, Amazon. They only pay like 6% so you would have to sell a lot of products to make any decent money, but over time it can pay off.

There are many other programs out there that pay larger commissions so you will just have to go and do your homework. One thing you must not do is overload your posts with affiliate links. If you do Google will consider your post scam and you will never get indexed.

This is why training like I have mentioned above could be a huge positive for you. You can really get a jump on your competition with this training platform.

Hope you have enjoyed this article on getting a home business blog up and running. I also hope you have found the information helpful to you. I have enjoyed presenting it to you. Hope you have a very successful online blogging career ahead of you. Feel free to leave a comment below or if you  have any questions feel free to ask and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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