Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Reviews – Legit or Scam!

Clickbank was founded in 1998. It is probably the largest platform on the internet for selling and promoting products.


Most of their products in their marketplace are digital products, although they do have some hard products. When, you first log in to clickbank it can be kind of overwhelming. Clickbank has over 10,000 products in their marketplace.

Joining Clickbank

It is quite easy to join clickbank, just go to and enter your information and normally you are approved rather quickly. Once you have been approved you will have your own I.d. that you create yourself and your I.d. will be automatically embedded in all the links of all the products that you decide to promote.

So once you have decided to join clickbank and promote their products there are many things that you will need to look out for. Even though they have over 10,000 products to promote you will have to be aware of what, and from whom your are going to promote from. Clickbank is a large and very popular platform but like everything in affiliate marketing you are going to have to do some hard work and research. You are now ready to create a successful online home business.

What to Look Out For

Before just going through there marketplace categories and picking out a product find out a little about the vendor. Here are some things you can look out for:

1.    When picking a product to promote the first thing you should look at is what the gravity of this product is. The higher the gravity number the more sales have been made with this product by other affiliates. Any product with a gravity over say 30 should be a decent product to promote.

2.     The next thing to look for is whether they have a J V page link available. A J V page link will take you to a page where the vendor will have e-mail subject lines and swipes for e-mail advertising, They will also have different size banners available for you to insert in your website and or blog. There should also be a main link that takes someone right to the  home page of the product. Most of the time you will have to insert your clickbank I.d. in his links where it says

3  Another thing you need to check is whether the links are still active. Click on a link and be sure it takes you where it’s supposed to. Often times a vendor will take there product down and never tell clickbank they did so. After all they cannot keep track of everyone.

Clickbank Drawbacks

Don’t get me wrong it is proven that clickbank is one of the best platforms, with a great marketplace for an affiliate to get started making money online, but before you jump right in there are some things you may need to know.

There are many people online that have said, and are still saying how great clickbank is but with such a large organization it is very hard to be perfect and clickbank is no exception.

Clickbank has weaknesses like any large organization and you need to know these so that when you do sign up with them you are not hit with any surprises that may take you off course.

Clickbank does take good care of their vendors and affiliates which is one of the things that give them such good ratings and all but they also make it so easy for a newbie to join and become part of the community it sometimes catches them off guard.

They get in there so easily that now they are thinking WOW this is simple. I just have to pick a product, throw some e-mails out there and the money will just start rolling in. That is the furthest from the truth as possible. Yes, you can make good money promoting with clickbank but, like anything it still takes hard work and research to be successful online.

Customer Service and Refund Policy

One of clickbanks the strongest area’s is probably their customer support team. Clickbank takes great strides to make sure their customer support is second to none. They have a live help desk so if and when anyone has a problem it can be rectified almost immediately.

Their Refund Policy

Now this is another story, especially if you are a merchant. Clickbank deals with 95% digital products so when a sale is made the customer has access to the product within minutes, all digitally. At this point deal is done.

Like any company, clickbank want’s their customers to by with confidence, knowing that they can get a refund on the product at any time. Clickbank offers an iron clad, no questions asked refund policy. This has opened the door for many an affiliate scammer to purchase the product, download it, then turn around and ask for a refund, no reason why needed.

I know this is something that clickbank is looking into and I’m sure they will come up with a solution in due time. On the plus side of this is that of all the products sold on clickbank there is only a 5% refund rate, which is pretty amazing.

My Verdict

i definitely think that clickbank is not a scam. It is totally a legit company. There are many affiliate marketers making lot’s of money here. Just like any thing you try online you have to put in the effort. There are no get rich schemes online. This concludes my clickbank affiliate marketing review.

On a Side Note

I just wanted to let you know that clickbank also offers training for becoming an expert at selling clickbank products in their clickbank university program, it’s not free but I have heard it is an excellent program, check it out below.

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Please feel free to leave a comment below and if you have any questions I would be glad to answer them for you. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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